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Xevi gewinnt die “Spanish Nationals”

Juni 30, 2017

Nach vier Durchgängen sind die Spanischen Meisterschaften in Pedro Bernardo nun zu Ende gegangen. Unser Ozone Team Pilot Xevi Bonet hat sich dort den Gesamtsieg geholt, und berichtet uns Folgendes:

“After three amazing competitions already celebrated this year in Pedro Bernardo, our expectations for the Spanish Nationals were high and the comp filled up quite fast, with a total of 150 pilots.
The first two tasks, 63 and 79km, we flew on the flats avoiding the stability in the mountains. We had many people in goal and not much difference in the final times.
After two days “off“ due to instability, we flew the best task of the event: 163k with goal in Penafiel (Valladolid). The beginning was difficult with low cloud base, but as soon as we arrived to La Meseta de Avila the ceiling got higher and the conditions improved. We made it to goal around 5pm with an average speed of 50 km/h, a super day.
There were just two days left with strong wind in the forecast. The first day was canceled but the last day of the comp we managed to finish a complicated 52k task on the flats.

I am pretty happy to win, one more time, the Spanish Championship and, to fly for the first time my new small Enzo 3, a wing that offers all the performance and safety I need to keep competing at this level. Now on my way to the World Championship!”

Die Damenwertung dominierte die Australierin Kari Ellis mit ihrem Zeno. Unter den ersten 10 platzierten Piloten waren 8 mit einem Ozone Schirm. Super!

Alle Ergebnisse gibt es hier.

Glückwünsche an alle Piloten und ein Cheers vom gesamten OZONE Team.