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Das Superfinale 2016 in Valadares, Brasilien

Januar 30, 2017

Das Superfinale 2016 in den grünen Hügeln von Valadares, Brasilien, ist zu Ende gegangen.  Es herrschten durchwegs konstante Bedingungen, die es den Piloten möglich machten, an allen 10 Wettbewerbstagen ein Rennen auszutragen.

Der Zeno, unser EN D Schirm, hat sich dabei wieder bestens bewährt, und sechs von zehn Wettkampf Durchgängen gewonnen. Unser Team Pilot und ehemaliger Superfinal Gewinner, Charles Cazaux, ist mit seinem Zeno in der Gesamtwertung auf dem dritten Platz gelandet.

Unsere Seiko Fukuoka hatte zwar keinen guten Start, wurde in den letzten Wettkampftagen aber immer stärker, und hat sich den Titel in der Damenwertung vor Nicole Fedele und Laurie Genovese geholt – alle sind mit ihrem Zeno an den Start gegangen.

Wir gratulieren allen Piloten, und dem Gewinner Aaron Durogati.

Einen kleinen Rückblick auf dieses Event hat uns unser Team Pilot Cody Mittanck zukommen lassen (vielen Dank Cody!):

“What a crazy finale, complete with strong wind, rain, massive shade, and huge cloud suck. From the start we had 25 kph winds at launch running parallel to the ridge. Intermittent thermals were coming up both sides, but no matter what side you launched from you immediately felt like you were in the lee. The weekend spectators were riveted by all the sketchy launches and wings thrashing about in the air. Somehow we worked our way up wind to the start cylinder. After tagging the first turnpoint and heading into the wind across the river we could see that the 2nd and 3rd turnpoints were completely shaded with rain falling out in spots along course. The gaggle stalled. We fought in light lift for 45 minutes going nowhere. Just as I was thinking let’s be real men and women about this, accept our fate and go on a death glide into the shade, patches of sun began to show through the clouds. As the clouds cleared the race ramped up to a level we hadn’t seen all week. After tagging the last turnpoint, pilots were getting hoovered into gigantic clouds rebuilding. It was full bar all the way to ESS!

When I remember this comp I’m sure I will gloss over the long hot bus rides from goal and that feeling of complete dejection that you can only get from landing out and watching the gaggle fly over head. It’s so easy to forget these things when the highlights are so indelibly burned into memory. What an honor it was to share the skies with the world’s best pilots. There are not many such fiercely competitive sports where such strong bonds of friendship are formed across so many cultural and language barriers. When there is no money involved, in the end it purely about the passion and personal achievement”

We hope you have enjoyed the SuperFinal 2016 , the 2017 season begins on 20th May. Follow us on Instagram and Facebook for more news from the PWC.

For full results: www.pwca.org

Cheers from all the team!

In the video: Samba in the gaggle with Ozone team pilot Yassen Savov