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Ozone Piloten herausragend beim ersten Welt Cup 2015

April 21, 2015

Beim ersten Welt Cup Event 2015 in Baixo Guandu, Brasilien, hatten die Teilnehmer unglaublich gute Bedingungen, bei denen 7 Durchgänge geflogen wurden. Die Ozone Enzo 2 Piloten Marco Littame und Ally Palencia holten sich den ersten und zweiten Platz in der Gesamtwertung, während sich bei den Frauen die Ozone Pilotinnen  Klaudia Bulgakow, Yayoi Ito und Nao Takada das Siegerpodium teilten.

Klaudia hat uns über den Wettbewerb Folgendes mittgeteilt:

Great weather conditions during Paragliding World Cup in Baixo Guandu permitted to fly everyday. So pilots voted on not using the 6 task rule – after six task event is suposed to finish. First time in history there were 7 task flown.Opposite to previous World Cup which was held here 2 years ago, air was dry, cloud base high and thermals strong.

Some days there were clouds some days blue thermik days. Apart of that some times the task line was in shade, some time there were strong thermals and just some km away weak. What made racing more various. It was important to adapt flying style all the time.

Task comity did great job on setting interesting and challenging task all around flying area. What made competing level very high.

For me it was nice to see some former top pilots, like Raul Penso, Rafael Saladini, Rodrigo Montero and others, competing again and showing that they didn’t forget how to race, flying on very high level.

We have seen also some very good newcomers who will probably make they name in the future.

Wir gratulieren allen Piloten ganz herzlich mit einem “Cheers” vom gesamten Ozone Team!