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Ozone Deltas fliegen 300 km+ in der Türkei

Juli 4, 2014

Der 29. Juni 2014 könnte in die Geschichte eingehen: als herausragendster Tag des XC Fliegens in der Türkei. Muharrem Kilic berichtet:

We launched with a group of friends in Kahramanmaras, a relatively new area, to explore its record breaking potential. The weather forecast was “bombastic” for the day with 4000+ m cloudbase and high wind at altitude. All pilots took off together at around 11 o’clock and attempted to break the Turkish XC distance record of 258,9 km held by three Enzo pilots. After more than 7 hours flying, sometimes with over 100+ km ground speeds, 9 of the pilots passed the 300km mark for the first time in Turkey.

The Kahramanmaras region has shown its huge potential for big distances and we are sure there will be many more pilots, both from Turkey and abroad, seeking records here in the future. We are happy to say that talks of a Pre-PWC Kahramanmaras have started already for the next year. Details of the epic flights:
Hakan Akcalar (Ozone Delta 2): 343,5 km

Basat Okay (Ozone Enzo): 334,0 km

Muharrem Kilic (Ozone LM4): 327,2 km

Umut Yetistiren (Ozone Delta 2): 317,5 km

Dora Goksal (Ozone Delta 2), 311,8 km

Yunus Nedim Mehel (Ozone Delta 2): 304,9 km

Volkan Gumuskaya (Ozone Delta): 304,1

Tracklogs of the epic flight can be seen here.