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Das X-Rockies Team ist weiter erfolgreich unterwegs

Juni 12, 2014

Thomas und Nelson sind auf ihrer 3000 km Reise, die Nordamerikanischen Rockies der Länge nach zu durchqueren, nun bereits in Neumexiko.

Ihre neueste Nachricht: : “After a short run in Colorado, offering us unbelievably high altitude (17,999ft) flights, we headed to the New Mexico desert. Enjoying good flying conditions, the terrain seemed to get more and more difficult to use. Mountainous spots get further from each other. Good lines through the desert have to be found to cross these big stretches with the least walking possible. The Alpina 2 is the perfect tool for these kind of flights – the speed and the tight turns allows us to take off in small morning conditions, avoiding dust devils.”

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Die Fotos sind von Nick Greece