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Nick Greece stellt in den USA einen neuen Rekord auf

August 14, 2012

Nick Greece hat vor kurzem einen (inoffiziellen) Foot Launch Distance Rekord mit 329 km (206 Meilen) in den USA aufgestellt. Nick ist seinen zuverlässigen EnZo geflogen, und seine Flugstrecke führte ihn tief in sehr einladendes No-Man’s Land, wo es oft keine Möglichkeit zum Landen gab. Nick berichtet

“It was an epic flight from literally in my back yard to near Rawlins, Wyoming. I got to fly with one of my mentors and one of the greatest pilots in the USA, Jon Hunt, for the entire flight! We flew through a high alpine environment, the Wind Rivers, for the first 150 miles and then flew out over the strangest desert I have ever seen, the Red Desert. The flight took 6 hours and 57 minutes. In the USA, Matt Beechinor, Nate Scales, and Chris Galli have all set the record higher and higher in the last month and we didn’t know if it was possible to go this far launching from Jackson Hole because we normally launch around 1:30. Without the aforementioned relay team this flight would not have happened. It is several days later and I am still dreaming of the flight. It was incredible!” 

As many pilots who have flown in the less populated areas of the world know, when you fly over 300kms of the western US much of it can be very very wild. Nick and Jon’s flight took them through some very exciting landscapes where, as Nick put it, “Landing would have been a life-changing experience.”
Congrats Nick, for an amazing and beautiful flight! 

Cheers from all the Team.