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The Mantra M2

Dezember 5, 2006

The Mantra M2 is out there flying around in size M at the moment, and the initial feedback from our comp pilots and XC cracks is that the performance is better than anyone expected. Dav and the test team have been flying it with the Mantra R Open Class Competition wing, and in all conditions the M2 really excels, especially in turbulent air due to its stability in accelerated flight. Keep the feedback coming, we appreciate it and we’ve been quite happy to hear all of the positive comments from our pilots!

For those of you who are interested, the M2 DHV report for the size M is now on the site in English, it can be found here

Feedback suggests that the M2 has the same handling and comfort that made the Mantra so popular over the past 2 years, and it fits nicely into the middle of the DHV category. The DHV has also seen fit to not add any ‘Supplementary Remarks’.