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Briefe an das Test & Design Team…

Oktober 6, 2010

Wir erhalten manchmal Briefe von Piloten, die uns ihre Erfahrungen mit Ozone Schirmen schreiben, und wir möchten hier gerne auch euch an zwei der kürzlich eingegangenen Meldungen teilhaben lassen. 

Dear Ozone Team,
I am a paragliding pilot living and flying in Mexico. The best flying site near my home is Peñon (Valle de Bravo), a location you may know well first hand or by reputation. I fly as a week-end hobby, just for fun, leisure time, to enjoy flying and nature. No competition. That does not mean I don’t like performance. I love XC flying and enjoy that the most.
I have been flying different brands of paragliders for some years now, and currently I am just positively in love with Ozone paragliders. I bought a Delta, a Magnum 2009 and a Buzz Z3 (all replacing wings of the same category). I fly the Delta, I use the Magnum to fly my girlfriend and family members (and the occasional friend); my girlfriend uses (just recently) the Buzz Z3 (she just started flying), and I occasionally use the Buzz Z3 for hike and fly (light, no parachute). We are, an OZONE FAMILY, and I just wanted to let you know that you have done an outstanding job, that your gliders are incredible, the handling, safety and performance is the best I have flown so far in each of the 3 categories of gliders. You are simply the best out there.
I want to thank you for the many hours of pleasurable fun, in a safe environment, which you have provided. All 3 gliders are the best in a combination of safety, fun, and handling, all with outstanding performance. I have no words to thank you enough.
Congratulations to the entire team!

Ricardo Gómez-Palacio del Río

Dear Ozone Team,
I am an XS pilot, Junko Kokubo. It was exciting to try out a brand new Delta. I was expecting busy handling as other pilots who have test flown larger size say.  I felt the Delta was more stable than [my other wing] which would have been less stable in similar conditions.  Turning the Delta was easier with the same amount of brake input. I was able to stay above others, thanks to the wing.  Overall I liked its stability and glide performance.   I have posted my movies, here.
Thank you for giving me a chance to try the beautiful wing.
Best Regards,