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Neu von Ozone – das SUMBARINE

August 10, 2021

Das Weltcup Superfinale in Disentis, Schweiz, ist in vollem Gange, und drei unserer Teampiloten fliegen dort ein radikal neues Gurtzeug-Design: Die Submarine.

Unser Ozone Designer Luc Armant erzählt uns dazu Folgendes:

“The idea behind this project was to drastically reduce drag by creating a fully inflated enclosure around the pilot without compromising safety.

I made the first version in 2006. It was a funny little yellow proto which I flew in some local competitions and people started calling it “the yellow submarine”. This was before I came to Ozone — at that time I also designed one for Bruce Goldsmith which he used for the World Championships in 2007.

We restarted the project again in 2017, and there were major structural and aerodynamic problems to solve in order for it to be a viable product. A huge amount of computer work and modelling was carried out by co-designer, Fred Pieri, to develop and test prototypes.

We barely managed to finish three harnesses for the Superfinal before our factory had to close due to Covid. We haven’t had much time to train with them or fully evaluate the performance but we feel this generation is finally ready to be tested at the highest level of competition.”

Wir gehen davon aus, dass die Entwicklungsarbeit an diesem Projekt über die Monate des Superfinals hinweg andauern wird.

Das gesamte Ozone Team sendet ein Cheers und die besten Wünsche für alle Piloten des Superfinals. Wir freuen uns schon auf das Rennen!