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Im UK geht es hoch hinaus

June 12, 2019

Nachdem sie die Saison bereits mit einem beeindruckenden 162km Zielflug (angemeldet) eröffnet hatten, haben sich unsere Freunde Wayne, Seely und Graham Steel einen weiteren epischen Tag herausgepickt. Wayne berichtet: “We had... weiter lesen

MARCELLA UCHOA fliegt 411 km und stellt damit drei neue Weltrekorde auf

November 7, 2018

Die brasilianische Pilotin Marcella Uchoa hat gerade mit einem einzigen Flug drei neue Streckenrekorde aufgestellt: gerade Strecke, Zielflug und freie Strecke mit bis zu drei Wendepunkten. Marcella ist von Assu in... weiter lesen


September 22, 2018

Am 20. September hat unser Freund Veso Ovcharov  mit seinem OZONE SESSION 17m im Norden Bulgariens einen neuen Infinity Tumbling Weltrekord aufgestellt. Mit Hilfe eines Heißluftballons hat Veso eine Höhe von... weiter lesen

Jim Mallinsons Traumflug

July 22, 2018

Die britische Flugsaison hält seit dem ersten Tag fantastische Bedingungen parat, und somit sind bereits einige neue Rekorde und persönliche Bestleistungen erflogen worden. Am 22.Juni ist unserem guten Freund und Ozone... weiter lesen

Congrats to Ozone team pilot, Xevi Bonet (Enzo 3) and Yuki Sato (Enzo 3) winners of the Nordic Paragliding Open celebrated in Ager, Catalunya. @xevi.bonet @yukisatocolombe ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀
For full results: ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀
Photos courtesy of Xevi Bonet @xevi.bonet
PWCA’s Ruth Jessop reports on task 3 of the World Cup in Pico do Gaviao, Brazil: “With another day of blue skies and sunshine, a 104.5 km task was set taking the pilots on a tour around the plains, returning to goal near Andradas.

Today had everything, great conditions, lift, convergence, sink, some super strong thermals, but at the same time, it was not too turbulent or bumpy. Flying with 50 vultures at the last turn point was the high point for many.
Unfortunately, overall race leader, Chigwon Won (Enzo 3), set off too early on his final glide so had to stop and climb. His late arrival in goal changed the overall leaders, giving three pilots in first place, making it still very much anyone’s race.

But for the youngest pilot in the race, Noah Locatelli (Zeno), leading out on the way to goal for a whole minute was, for any 17-year-old wanna be World Champion, a dream come true.

The goal field was a very busy place for four minutes as the top fifty all arrived within minutes of each other.

At the end of a lovely cross-country flight, with stunning scenery, 92 pilots made goal.
Average speed of the fastest pilot around the course was 32km/h”

Task 4 is a 100 Km Race to goal with many pilots already in goal. Report coming soon, stay tuned.

For full results visit: PWCA.org

Image by @simon_pellissier
Perspective ;)... 🇳🇴 -
Rider: @jamie_lee_speedflyer
Photo: @malachitempleton
“To kick off the Pico Do Gaviao 2019 Paragliding World Cup, a 70km task, zigzagging south west across the rolling hills, was set.

As soon as everyone got into the air, the first day nerves were blown away by the great thermals which, if anything, were a bit stronger than expected. The cycles were short and the ceiling was high, which made reading the clouds really important. There was very little wind until the last part of the race. In summary, perfect paragliding conditions.

From the beginning, there were different route options which divided the gaggles up. The end part of the race was nail biting as the lead gaggle got low and stuck and were overhauled by those behind.

107 pilots made goal within 1 hour and 7 minutes of each other”
Task 1 winners: Korean pilot Chingwon Won (Enzo 3), local pilot Marcella Uchoa (Enzo 3) @marcellauchoa and the Ozone Team.
For full results visit PWCA.org

Stay tuned for more.

Report courtesy of Ruth Jessop
Image by @xavlaporte
Fresh Canvas... -
Pilot: @manuelsiegrist
Photo by @sebschlegel
Location: Switzerland 🇨🇭 Glider: Zeno
“It was my first time flying down this particular tree trench, definitely plan to return and refine”
By @bridger_henriksen
The new GEO 6 is the lightweight version of the Buzz Z6. It delivers high amounts of passive safety in a lightweight adventure wing with True Performance throughout the entire speed range.
Modern construction techniques and a clever use of materials have saved 350 grams of weight compared to its predecessor, and all of the performance gains made in the Z6 project have been directly passed on.
20% Less Line Drag
Refined Shark Nose Profile
G-String Leading Edge
Double 3D Shaping
For more on the GEO 6 Hit the LINK in BIO
Video by @karlstezlick
The Pico do Gaviao Paragliding World Cup will take place in Brazil from the 7th to the 14th of September.
The enormously successful 2017 Pico do Gaviao World Cup confirmed Brazil as the land of seven-day competitions. In the words of Richard Gallon, 'Pico do Gaviao is such an amazing launch, take-offs in every direction. So many task options. Every day we do a completely different task with a great variety of flat land and relief flying. You have to fly by feeling as there are no clouds to help you. The Brazilians are really teaching us how to fly'!
Two years ago, Brazilian pilots took the top five trophies and nine out of the top fifteen places. But the Europeans dominated the recent Baixo Guandu Super Final. Who will rule the skies and fly away with the best thermals in Brazil this time?
Equal numbers of Brazilian and French pilots are taking part, proof of the increase in world class Brazilian pilots.
Seven overall World Cup winners and three ladies’ winners will be taking part, all keen to notch up another victory. At least half of those in the thermals above Pico do Gaviao will be there chasing one of the few precious places left for the Super Final.
Pilots from thirty different countries will be competing, showing the popularity of Brazil for Paragliding World Cups, combining great skies, big friendly smiles and generous thermals!
In addition to the PWCA app and the pwca.org website (which now includes photos of the pilots) with the live Commentary, tracking and scores, the local organisers have also made an excellent app. Search for: PWC Andradas.
Stay tuned for more.
Text and Images courtesy of pwca.org
Hike and fly in the Swiss Alps with Marco Vergari@marco.vergari.
Photos by Martin Scheel @azoom_martin_scheel
Glider: Ultralite 4
Ozone Team rider @bridger_henriksen discovering new lines in Provo Canyon, Utah 🎥 by @fpvprovo
“Doesn’t get any better than this, 184K in Fiesch with @marcellauchoa getting to the goal after one of the most rewarding flying I’ve done! You gotta love the alps if you’re a flyer” by @titorezzoli
LøKKen Dunes, Denmark 🇩🇰 Photo by Håkon Mæland
Pilot: Rytis Pocius @rytismp
Glider: Firefly 3

Vom Übungshang ins richtige Gelände

July 16, 2018

Um bessere Piloten zu werden, bauen wir oft auf die Weisheit unserer Lehrer. Das Wissen, das sie uns vermitteln, kann uns weiter bringen. Josiah Sewell flog vor kurzem 100+ Meilen in der Nähe seiner... weiter lesen

Zum Sommeranfang: neue britische Rekorde

July 3, 2018

Unsere Freunde Hugh Miller, Luke Nicol, Guy Anderson (alle Enzo 3) und Graham Steel (Zeno), haben im UK einen neuen Zielflug Rekord mit beträchtlichen 246 km aufgestellt. Sie sind in Sharpenhoe (65... weiter lesen

Neuer türkischer Rekord bei den Damen – freie Strecke

June 21, 2018

Die frühlingshaften Flugbedingungen in der Türkei sind weiterhin ungetrübt. Cansu Atabey hat gerade mit ihrem neuen Delta 3 den Rekord der türkischen Damen über eine freie Strecke gebrochen. Sie flog in... weiter lesen

Von Portugal nach Spanien

June 19, 2018

Am 13.Juni haben die portugiesischen Piloten Carlos Lopes (Zeno), Eusébio Soares (Enzo 3) und Pedro Neves (Zeno) einen der ersten richtig guten Tage der Saison genutzt, und sind von den Bergen... weiter lesen